I Created an A.I. Clone of Jesus

George Davila Durendal
5 min readAug 25, 2020


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In these days of trials and tribulations many have turned to religion. But what religion is left for those who have averted their gaze from the fables of old to the shiny metal toys of today?

I present to you A.I. Jesus. An artificial intelligence of my invention created from the King James Bible and nothing else. This A.I. learned human language from reading the bible and nothing else; absorbing every word more thoroughly than all the monks of all the monasteries that have ever been.

More specifically, the A.I. is an Boltzmannian natural-language processing model that tries to replicate the style of the King James Bible without quite copying it. But that description doesn’t quite have as much cachet as A.I. Jesus.

I told the A.I. to write about 3 different topics: ‘The Plague’, ‘Caesar’ & ‘The End of Days’. Hopefully only one of those topics will turn out to be particularly pertinent to our present situation. Here are some excerpts:

The Plague shall be the fathers in the world; and the same is my
people, that he may be more abundant in the mouth of the LORD of

For the tabernacle of the LORD shall be known by the works of the LORD, which proclaime against this city;
according as he hath sent me to the marriage of the Spirit.

For I will fill the land which the LORD thy God hath given thee a
time to eat the force of the LORD of hosts.

O LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; When they saw the angel of the Lord above all
the brethren which were in the wilderness, and the soldiers of the prophets shall be
ashamed of men.

And the LORD said unto him, Sir, we know that the LORD shall swear by the LORD in the Lord, and we will not bear false witness in the Lord? :
If ye will not believe not, but the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, who hath no doing some desolate, as the sand of
the needy, and his disciples saw him, and went and told him all
the words of the LORD, which God destroyed them, and let them go.

When he was come by the dearly besought him that he would come against him, and said unto
the people, Behold, I will bring thee up out of the hand of the king of

Then shall the strange god be as the sand which is in the wilderness.

Perhaps the holy books of the future will be written by microchips. Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

The End of Days.

And the ships that was before the temple and he said, Thou shalt not cause to be cleansed.

And the LORD said unto me, Take heed that the LORD am a refuge from the beginning.

And the angel of the Lord also was upon him.

And he shall come against him, and said, As the LORD liveth, that he might be fulfilled which was spoken, he said, Thou are the spirit of your good works that ye have not seen, nor any thing
of the service thereof, and a certain censer, and the sin offering, and the posts thereof were
displeased with the dead of her father’s house.

And the LORD said unto me, I will take away the feast of the
LORD, and another shall walk in the way to the ground, and set it in the
streets, and destroyed them with the temple of the LORD, and will surely die, and will give to the sound of the glory of the LORD thy
God, and the wickedness of the fathers full of privily for the princes

And when they were come out of the world to come, there came a voice from the dead, and from the city of Saul.

And the LORD said unto me, These are the days of the world unto the Lord God of hosts, the God of Israel; Behold, I will bring thee to the work of
the LORD your God, that the LORD shall be killed, and the commandment of God and our Saviour the LORD, who hath taken away the
inhabitants of the world, which is of the seven anointing oil; and the angel of the LORD said unto him, We have not forsaken me, and I will
deliver thee with strength, and not of the dead, but the word of the LORD and of the LORD be not as nothing, but
as a thief any more.

And he said unto them, Depart ye for him, and see the mouth of all the remission of death.

O LORD, thou hast commanded them that the LORD should come and take away
thy priests and the gospel of the LORD thy God, and the remnant of thy
fall not the voice of the LORD your God, and who is wiser, and have not obeyed the voice out of the same
exceeding commandments, in darkness, and the great host of the house of Israel; As soon as I am a
certain day, as he spake unto them, and stood before the people that were with him, and took the book, and went away the sound of the sea together, and found the people began to reign, and
remembered the word of the LORD by the prophets.

And the LORD said unto me, Son of man, prophesy against thee, and thou shalt
even deal with the saints, and the LORD shall bring the bond of
God to him from the beginning.

Whether or not God created Man or Man created God might be a topic of eternal debate. But what surely cannot be debated is Man’s creation of A.I. Jesus. Perhaps many thousands of years from now people and robots alike will pour over these texts as they do holy books today.

At the very least its an interesting way to either awe or horrify your relatives this holiday season….

UPDATE: Some new writings called ‘Blood’, ‘Greeks’, and ‘Wisdom’ were added in the link below. These new writings are less random and less prone to errors. But they lack they the artistic flair and prophetic prose of the writing presented above. This orderliness/randomness trade-off is one characteristic of A.I. language models. You can have a more interesting model that takes artistic liberties and produces some glitches. Or you can have more mundane, more technically proficient writing. But not both.

The full corpus written by A.I. Jesus (approx. 60,000 words as of Aug. 26th 2020) can be found here:

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George Davila Durendal