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Probably the most James Bond OpenCV script that you’ll ever use, although that’s not really saying much… @GDurendal

Photo by arvin keynes on Unsplash

Do you know that moment in movies where some logs on to a computer and instantly accesses all the security cameras? That’s basically what this software does. Although, for a flexible piece of software than can instantly access and display all permissioned cameras on a given device — invocative of that moment in spy movies where they hack into all the cameras — it is almost shockingly boring in its actual execution.

The Problem

A consistent practical problem in computer vision is the simple…

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And it it now also the World’s First A.I. created audiobook! As in both written and spoken by an A.I. (more on that coming soon!). See the demo:

Audiobook Sample Reading of Chapter 4

As we all know, A.I. has long been prophesized to replace us all. One of the few domains of human society assumed to be safe from this encroachment was the Arts. Most assuredly — we all assumed…

Neural Style Transfer on Nikola Tesla

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Neural Style transfer is one of those fun yet generally impractical domains of modern machine learning. Its usually hardly worth the logistical effort of setting up the environment given the relative complexity of the algorithms. Then once you do its just console commands, the process of creating images is hardly as fun or easy as it should be. There are of course sites like deepart and plenty of apps on the topic. But nothing that lets A.I. engineers insert their own models or deploy the frontend themselves. And one also gets the added latency of…

A.I.-generated Renaissance paintings based on real human faces.

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As a man of science and technology born in Brooklyn, far too often have I heard artists — both the delusional and the talented — claim that machines simply cannot do what they do. That in their brushstrokes and positively pernicious sense of self-importance lies something that machines simply could not replicate nor repudiate. Well, as a native of Brooklyn exhausted by these hordes of self-aggrandizing artists with oddly-colored hair, I felt that it was my duty to retaliate…

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Once the domain of Gods, Evolution, and but a small subset of humanity, writing and rewriting DNA is the one task which transcends perhaps all other biological technologies. It is a task dreamed of for eons. Those who came before us did not know the nature of the code with which they were written, but they knew a profoundly powerful force had written it. It is a task which promises great opportunity, great power, and perhaps even immortality itself.

I am delighted to announce the creation of the first A.I. capable of writing — and rewriting —human DNA. I created…

Deepfakes of Jesus

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I recently released A.I. Jesus, an A.I. meant to mimic the words of Jesus. It was essentially an A.I. that learned human language by reading nothing but the King James Bible. I like to describe that A.I. as locking a baby in a room with nothing but a Bible for 20 years. You come back to find that its learned to read, speak, and write using nothing but that Bible.

Some of the text it spit out was rather abstract. But much of the Bible is the…

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

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In these days of trials and tribulations many have turned to religion. But what religion is left for those who have averted their gaze from the fables of old to the shiny metal toys of today?

I present to you A.I. Jesus. An artificial intelligence of my invention created from the King James Bible and nothing else. This A.I. learned human language from reading the bible and nothing else; absorbing every word more thoroughly than all the monks of all the monasteries that have ever been.

More specifically, the A.I. is an Boltzmannian…

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